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Croatia hostels

Can anyone reccomend hostels in Croatian coast cities
I will be there in September for the second week
or if you know any other kind inexpensive hotel or any accomodations
l ve heard that some families have some kind of B&B


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    Good day,

    You're better off checking out this website:
    They list all the hostels available along with comments from previous guests. You can also try renting an apartment as they are very abundant all over the country.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hi Renato,

    If you are coming in September you don’t even need to book in advance. You can easy find accommodation in any Croatian coast city when you get there. There is many private accommodations who rent ether apartment or room, with or without breakfast. You can just ask someone on the street or go to first tourist agency you see on the street. You will be fine.

    Enjoy Croatia!
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    thanks for your answers guys it looks its going to be a great adventure
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