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Romance Scam Using Wedding Certificate

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My name is Robert I went on a dating site and hooked up with this young lady who said that she was from Ghana she had some pictures and very beautiful woman we emailed a few times and then before I knew it she sent me a marriage certificate saying that her and I are now married and in about a week or so later she sent me a certificate saying that she had so much gold and all that and I Aster I said well if you have all those gold why do you need money and she says well she doesn't trust anybody to make a long story short she sent the gold supposedly to America and needed money to come on fly over here I got week I gave her money she said that she needed money for a cell phone because the good cell phones were very expensive I Center one then she said she needed money for a laptop or her laptop and stuff I did not know so that they don't have the Internet there but I did not know that they have a cybercafes everyplace and I did not know that they had cybercafes and abruptly every store or every place she kept asking me for everything like this and under the sun and I gave her a lot I Center a lot well it ended a few few well back because what happened was she says that she needed money for taxes that had to be paid by it for the gold and I said I can't send her anymore and then she said I got finally got some money sent it to her and she said that she needed some more money and I just gave up on it and she just it was just a real bad thing and she showed me pictures of her sister her mom told me her mom her sister's name never told me her mom's name and her English was OK but she would sometimes type wrong and stuff like that which happens all the time but I think I was being scammed because when I brought it up about saying that she got all upset about it and she said oh I sent her several laptops which she claim never got there but the Postal Service that they did get there so I would be careful


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    OMG you are an image a woman sends you a marriage certificate and then you send her money and gifts. I thought I had heard it all.
  • OMG, that is hysterical, you couldn't make it up.
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  • Best Original Post ever. What planet do you live on?

    Thanks for the chuckle.

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