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Kurban Bayram Bank Holiday in Turkey

edited September 2015 in - Turkey
A quick reminder about the upcoming public holiday in Turkey.

It starts at lunchtime on 23rd October until the 27th. Public sector employees have had their holiday extended from 21st. Banks will be open on the 27th until 17.00 and then reopen on the 28th at 09.00. Exchange offices in the resorts should remain open. ATMs may run dry especially in busy places and it would be worth making sure you have enough cash.

I was in my local Post Office today and asked there. Apparently the smaller ones will be closed on 21st and open on the 28th. Main offices will be open on the 21st and 22nd as normal.

Roads will be very busy at the start and end of the holiday as people travel to spend the festival with their families. Take extra care if driving during this time as with a lot more vehicles on the road there are a lot more accidents. Airlines and buses are usually booked up and rent a car prices can be higher (if you can find one).

On the plus side public buses in the Antalya city region will be free from the 23rd-27th :o)


  • I think it is ludicrous that Turkey gives public sector and bank workers such a long holiday , it happens every year , its not as if the Turkish economy can afford it.
  • Thanks for that useful update Clare.
  • Just realised I made a huge mistake - sorry the holiday is September not October. I blame the heat....
    Alethia the school year hasn't even started yet due to all the extras.... but exam dates remain the same and there will now be hardly any break until the end of January. Both students and teachers will be so tired.
    They need to look again at the semester system. Just 2 semesters no half terms etc like the UK. So depending on Bayrams the school year usually goes from the 2nd week of September through to last week of January. Then the 2nd week of February until the middle of June. Ok there are odd days off but for example if New Year falls on a Saturday there is no other day off. Still getting used to it!!
  • I understand completely, friends of mine were also complaining about the delay in the school year due to the extended Kurban bayram. Its a long winter of education for the children with no half term breaks.
  • Bless them but the pressure will be on for the exams particularly the TEOG. We have lost nearly 3 weeks of learning already. No news as to whether the exam dates have been changed to allow for this.
    A very long winter indeed. I guess there will just be a day off for Cumhuriyet Bayram, the Election and New Year Day. Quite a stretch and no snow days here in the south :o) Maybe the odd rain day!!
    How this extended break boosts the tourist industry I have no idea. Families take their scheduled break and there is neither the spare money or extra days annual leave for parents.
  • I would think that families in Turkey find it difficult with children on school holiday from June to the end of September (over 3 months) Not all Turks have extended families to help out with child care. People moan in the UK for the 8 weeks of school holidays can you imagine the outcry at 12 weeks plus :neutral:
  • Oh my yes I can!! It would be chaos. This year has been extra long though......
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