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Is October/November a good time to go to Fiji?

Hi guys,
I'm going to LA and want to spend a few days at a Pacific destination and I was thinking Fiji. is it safe to go to Fiji in late October/ Early November?


  • The ‘Fijian winter’ or ‘dry season’, is from May to October, which brings low rainfall, low humidity, milder temperatures and less risk of extreme weather events such as cyclones.
    November is the start of the rainy season which can bring hurricanes.
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    Thanks Alethia, I don't intend getting caught in the rain after Novmber then. Do you know anything about visas for Fiji? I'm just going to be stopping for a few days, maybe like a week or two? unless you suggest staying longer.
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention I'm from South Africa.
  • @Rowan South Africans do not need a visa for Fiji you are granted 4 months on entry
  • @Alethia thank you! Much appreciated.
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