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Cash/travellers cheques in Egypt?

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I'm travelling to Egypt this month but I'm so confused about what form my holiday money should take. The advice in my tour operator's book says to take a small amount of Egyptian currency and the rest in low denomination sterling travellers cheques, but I've been looking on the internet and there seems to be so much contrasting advice. A lot seem to say that travellers cheques are useless in Egypt.The problem is that for most of the time I'll be on a boat and there are only banking facilities twice during the fortnight. I can't see me going off to find banks or cash machines as my past experiences of tours means that you spend most of your time hurrying behind the tour leader with little opportunity to stray! Sterling is accepted on board but... oh I don't know what to do! Any advice wouldbe appreciated.


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    I've been to main land egypt and the sinai area and have taken both GB£ and US$ good mixture of notes, both accepted, you will find and change given to you will be in egyptian pounds. Hope this helps,
    have a good trip
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    Hello ,I am Egyptian and i live in Egypt ,All currencies are accepted,Like GB and dollar,
    If you would like to ask about anything you can send to me email
    my email : [email protected]
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    I have just returned from Sharm el Sheik Egypt, i took travellers cheques and could not change them at the banks or the duty free at the airport. I was left without cash to purchase anything. Take local currency or pound sterling this is easy to change.
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    Hi all
    I’m karim from American express Egypt, I understood what's happened with you and I’m also sorry about that because it's not your fault.

    What I want to present, that i want to inform you about our branches in Egypt in Cairo Alexandria Luxor and Aswan.

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