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Romania tour operator needed

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Hi all
i am holding indian passport would like to go to romania on holiday can any one suggest any good travel and tour operator or in the visa purpose and how to go about it
thank you all


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    Namaste Kamrahnkan,

    I happy that you are interested in Romania! Here are some infos for you about the visa and all you need! - this is the site of the ministry of foreign affairs, it is in English as well.

    I've copied the most important for you:
    b. Tourism - The invitation procedure can be followed by Romanian tourist companies, for each invited alien, individually. The documents that have to be submitted for this purpose, are the following:

    the registration certificate and the bylaws of the company in original and in copy;
    a power of attorney, on behalf of the company, naming the person entitled to make the invitation in the name of the company;
    depending on each case, the identity card or the residence permit, of the person entitled to make the invitation;
    a copy of the travel document belonging to the invited alien;
    two photos of 3 x 4 cm in diameter, of the invited alien.

    I am running a Tour operator company in Romania, we create tours for individual travelers, for ideas pls visit our website. We are authorized to issue the documents you need.

    You can also contact me on [email protected] I'll be pleased to help you!

    Hope to hear from you!


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    I am wanting to return to Romania with an adopted daughter to see birthplace Chiesd and orphanage Cehu Silvanei. How to arrange such a visit?
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