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Any tips on how to prepare the application?

I'm preparing an application for a work permit in Canada on my own. I got a job offer for an electrical engineering technologist from a company with an LMIA in Saskachewan. I really need to have the application accepted so that I don't lose this job. Any tips on how to prepare the application?


  • As usual with most questions about Visas you fail to mention the single most important piece of information - your nationality - but the LMIA is very straightforward, there are no "tricks" so simply be sure it's complete and accurate.

    Good luck.

  • Terry is corect, what nationality are you and have you actually received your LMIA from the employer without this you cannot apply for a work permit.
  • Alethia made me do a double take... Just to be clear, you do have the completed LMIA from the company that offered you the job, correct?

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