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Schengen Visa for germany Refused due Reason #8. Should I Appeal or wait to reapply after 3 months

I am Pakistani working as Assistant Manager in Abu Dhabi. I have applied for Schengen Visa for Germany in Abu Dhabi on 06/09/2015 for 10 days and I was called for an interview on 16/09/2015 and after the interview the Embassy Refused my application on 22/09/2015 giving reason #8.

It was mentioned in German Language (Die vorgelegten informationen uber den zweck und die bedingungen des beabsichtigten Aufenthalts waren nicht glaubhaft) and also in English (the embassy does not hold that you have convinced it that you are going to Germnay for the purpose stated in your application)

Now What is the process, what should I do in this case. Is it good to wait for three months and reapply or it will be better to appeal.


  • You can appeal, but the Schengen visa appeal is not governed by a central European policy, and individual countries have the freedom of establishing their own procedures and Schengen visa appeal methods. Appeals vary from country to country, some are a complete waste of time. There is no formal appeal document you simply write a letter and provide new evidence if you can. Appeals are free of charge.

    Here is how to appeal a German Schengen refusal.

    There is no waiting time to reapply if you do not appeal, you can put a fresh application straightaway .
  • My female friend just got her letter of denial for a Schengen visa to come visit me for 3 months. She is a Filipina working as an Au Pair in North Cyprus. She has been working for the same family for 4 years. They gave her permission to come visit me in Germany for 3 months, then return to North Cyprus to her employment. She was denied for reason 8 and reason 9.
    What must we do for an appeal or would it be better to re-apply?
  • @santa you can apply again although Germany is one of the countries in the Schengen zone that has proper visa process.

    One thing that you do not seem to realise is that North Cyprus is not recognised as a country by the European Union or internationally, so its highly unlikely your visa will be granted
  • @santa
    please, what was the exact reasons for deny.with that ALETHIA(the special one)
    and other members can explain more to avoid similar situation
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