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Marrying an Egyptian man

Hi, my name is Gina and I have an Egyptian man. We met on Facebook two years ago. I video chat with his mother and sister and we all love one traveling there with my 14 year old son and my mother. We will all meet and discuss marriage. I'm very concerned about my son going to school in Egypt I don't know anything about it really except school for Americans is very expensive Also what do I need for any kind of proper paperwork or cards for marriage also for my son?? After marriage how hard would it be to travel back to the United States for visits? So very confused and I need help. Thnx!


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    If you really think you will be living in Egypt after marriage you are deluded. Your husband will want to live in the good old USof A. Whats the point of having a western wife if you cannot live in her country where the streets are paved with gold.

    Your son does not speak Arabic so he will struggle at school, education is free but there can be upto 75 students to a class. American private schools tuition fees start around $12,000 pa. Dont worry your son wont be going to any of these schools you will be back in the USA applying for your husbands visa.

    Do you realise Egypt is a volatile and dangerous country? You and your son are US citizens and should be very careful you are not doing a cross country trip to Wisconsin.

    The ignorance of women like you never ceases to astound me. "Bezness" or marriage to a foreign woman includes the whole of the Egyptian mans family.
    Read these few stories

    Your Egyptian cyber lover and his family will know how to make all the marriage arrangements and how to apply for his US visa.
    As a lawyer I have seen many women like you ignorant and totally in love with a man you have never met . These women end up used and abused.

    Your Mohammed, Mustafa, Ahmed, is no different to all the other Egyptians who do the "bezness"

  • Thank you and yes I am a very intelligent person but I am ignorant about foreign countries this is why I ask for help. My Egyptian friend knows that I would rather only visit but I want to stay in the US he says he would come if I really did not like Egypt but he wants to stay in his own country why? Also would his family lie to me sister/mother about him having a soft heart and being married before for 9 years with Muslim woman? Why would he jeopardize my sons life if he really does not care? He stays on the phone with me morning until night weather it be texting video chat or calling. I ask myself how would he even have time for someone else
  • I fear you are being very, very naive. Alethia laid out the facts of life, listen to her.

    Good luck.

  • The word Bezness is derived from the German word "Beziehung" (relation) and the English word Business, thus doing business. It means the pretention of being in love, with the sole objective of gaining sexual/financial /material benefits or a residence permit in Europe/USA. The family benefit because of the increase in status and money earned by the man in Europe/USA and or a better house built for them.
    It is not about having other women, these men are in it for the long haul until they get what they want.

    I spent 12 years of my life living and working in the middle east and I have seen it all. You know nothing about this man , you have not even met him, yet you are willing to take your son to a foreign and highly volatile country to marry this man. You refer to yourself as "highly intelligent" yet you have no idea about this man, his culture or his religion. It is you who are jeopardising your son not just this man.

    What job allows him to be online and talking to you all hours? Where does he live?
  • Mohie - just so you know..........they all tell you that they want to stay in their own country because they know that you cannot and that you will dutifully get them a visa. Get a life (not on line) and fall in love with someone you can see face to face and know before you go throwing yours and your sons life away!!
  • He lives in Ismalia he works on oil rig there is a six hour difference he would be working while here I am sleeping then we talk at night he already has visa and two passports he does not need me to help him and has not asked for anything from me ever.
  • Because my son would go to school in America I have asked him to come here but he insists that we come as tourists to see Egypt in hopes that we will love it there and stay
  • Just wandering, are there any good Egyptian men, at all??????
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    If everything you say is true then perhaps your situation is different.

    I wish you the best of luck.


    PS Have you investigated the cost of International Schools there?
  • Thank you, yes I have also my parents will be traveling there with me to meet his family and they seem very thrilled
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    Why would and Egyptian have 2 passports? Is he a dual citizen,of what country and he has a visa for where? Normally foreign nationals work on oil rigs .
    I cannot believe you, your parents and your son are going to Egypt to talk weddings with a man you have never met.
    You clam to be highly intelligent, this makes me wonder?

  • I was selling an apartment of mine few years ago and a nice couple came to ask about it, 20's Egyptian guy and 40's Austrian woman. It was looking like that the guy is using the rich Austrian woman to pay the cash and because of the Egyptian law who deny the ownership of apartments to foreigners, he was officially the owner of my exaparment :smiley :smiley:
    On the contrary, I know many European girls live here in Egypt with their Egyptian husbands happily and satisfied.
    Note that Egypt has very good places to live in, there are five stars districts, there are seven stars compounds.
    Regarding schools, you can find good schools in Egypt but they are not free.
  • I read you story. I am married to Egyptian. I am British. My husband is good, decent person. My warning is only this . There isn't equality, you will be expected to do house and children 100% . Not shared , even in part. My husband has very conservative attitudes to dress and may become very difficult for you in the future. Think about the consequences of a strict upbringing with restrictions on cross cultural and religious marriage for your children. It's not always easy.
  • I know it is sometime after these comments were put up but I just want to add that I have been very happily married to a loving and caring Egyptian man for over twelve years now. I meet him on line, and went to Egypt to meet him for the first time. At the end of my ten day stay, I was determined to marry this man and I did. I was very lucky to have found him.
  • DaisyMay, so there are indeed as well good Egyptian men right? it cant be all bad, that's stupid to say I mean, there is bad and good everywhere
  • I cant believe how rude and misinformed you all are.
    I met my husband at the airport in Cairo from Australia.
    Married him and we are so totally in love and no he doesnt need money or indeed a visa.
    So stop giving the lady such a hard time
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