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Can I return to South Korea?

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Hi my name is Cha from Philippines. I was working to Korea for 1year and 4months Nov.7,2013 to March 2, 2015. But totally my contract is 2years. I was run away after my alien card was extended for another 1year they tall me that my job was a singer but its not and besides my boyfriend don't like me to work anymore. I stay in my Boyfriend for the last left months. And then i left Korea about end of September 2015 together with him. When its my turn to exit the Korean immigration i give my passport and alien Card and then after that they didn't get my alien,they just look and check. but still i have remaining months before my alien Card will be expired.. and then no problem also when we arrived in Philippines. I just wanna ask why they didn't get my alien card and if i can go back to Korea again if i apply tourist visa.
Thanks hope someone help me.


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    You are an idiot and so is your boyfriend. Who is he to control your life and tell you where you can and cannot work. Especially as you hold a work permit/visa and are contracted to a S. Korean company.
    Of course you had no problem to enter the Phillipines it is your home country.
    Your alien card may not be valid, for all you know the company you worked for may have informed immigration that you ran away and you could be blacklisted. The only way to find out is to go to South Korea and see what happens.
    Good luck you will need it.
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