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Visa Application for Tunisian Husband

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I have begun filling in the online visa for my Tunisian husband. At the beginning,the choices are apply for yourself or apply for another.I chose apply for another,but people have told Me I'm wrong and I should apply as though I'm him.I'm very confused.the citizens advice said they would check my application but the want me to print it ,and I can't do that until I've submitted and paid!


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    There is no problem you filling in the form, why do you think it says apply for yourself or apply for another?
    When you fill in the form you should fill it in as if you are the applicant (your husband)
    I do this all the time, as a lawyer we complete the forms for others but you still answer the questions as if you were the applicant. So for example page one it asks for name passport details and contact number these are your husbands details. not yours and so on throughout the form.

    The Citizens Advice cannot check the form as paper forms are long gone and you are correct, you cant print the forms until its paid for and the form will then have been electronically submitted.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you for your previous could you advise Me regarding photo copies.some say you need 2 copies of send in originals and a copy and keep another set at home.others say you just send in originals and keep copies at home...thank you.
  • The visa application is sent electronically, you must keep one copy for your records along with proof of payment, the NHS surcharge and appointment details.

    Then printouts of all these documents are made to go with the supporting documents you give to TLS the Visa Centre in Tunis.

    Normally we only keep copies of the supporting documents for our records.
    All original supporting documents are given to the Visa Centre you do not need to make a second set of copies.
  • Phew! Thank you so much.I was getting in a muddle with so Many copies.
  • Please can I ask about stamps? My husband took our marriage certificate to Tunis and got it stamped then translated.all his other papers..birth certificate,letter of residency,b3,he got all these things translated to English,but did not go to Tunis to get them stamped by the ministry of affairs...should he do this? ..thank you.
  • Its ok libby_lou , so long as they are translated its fine.
  • Thank you so much.that means we've done everything and can submit as soon as I get bank statement number 6.on 31 October..
  • Good luck libby_lou
  • Alethia help please.I filled in visa app.actually can't remember if I left it as apply for other or changed it,as doesn't say at the end it said sign declaration and I signed my name.then I discovered my printer out of ink so have had to leave it.will I have to start again? I'd already booked my appointment but had not paid NHS..thankyou
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    @Liby_lou you write your husbands name not yours. Its his application not yours. I assume you have submitted the application electronically.
    You can go back in any time and print the application. Your husbands application will niot be accepted or be valid until NHS surcharge is paid. Again you refer to "my" appointment when its your husbands appointment.
  • Yes your right .been saying " my". I realised my mistake when I pressed the button but it won't let me go back and change it.I think I'll probably have to start a new application.just didn't want to be billed for 2!... Also I put applicants nsne with all his family names Ben amara Ben. Etc..but on passport it just has 2 names ,but on I.d card it has 4 names...why DL they have dk many names? Lol.
  • Sorry for typing errors.meant why do they have so many names
  • So have you paid for the application? You said you pressed the button and you can't go back which means the application is done. If you have an appointment its linked to this application which sounds a mess.
    It clearly states on the application form to put only the names on the passport. You never use the ID card.
  • I've not paid anything.nor health surcharge.I can't get more printer ink till the morning, and I'm currently at work so can't look for another 20 minutes to see if its all deleted or waiting for me to pay
  • I've just logged on.its still there.I tried to click on sign declaration but it won't let me go back to if I go ahead,having signed declaration in my name,and put his long name at beginning of application,what will happen?
  • You cant go back because the application has been electronically sent. This is what happens when you do it yourself. The form remains on line for you to print off as a copy must go with his documents. I am a lawyer with 25 years experience and I know how difficult these forms are ,
    Have you paid for the application, if so, there is nothing you can do.
  • I've not paid any money
  • On the Visa4uk status page there are stages that turn green at the right hand side . If the application completed section has gone green you cannot change anything and the application has been sent but thankfully not paid for.

    You must now cancel the appointment linked to this application and start all over again making a fresh application.

    All information must be identical to his passport its your husbands application not yours. You can complete the form but you type his name for the signature and its his appointment.
  • Thank you I will do kind of felt dishonest typing his name, but makes sense now.I understand I need to use s different email address if I'm abandoning this application.I'll start afresh tomorrow's after a good nights sleep.thank you for all your help.
  • Just had a horrible thought.when I registered the account at visa4uk I put my name ,address and email..should it have been my husbands?
  • The account can be in your name because you are the one completing the form and you state you are completing for someone else. It is the actual form that must be completed as if your husband is filling it in and all personal information must be from your husbands passport.
  • Hi.done fresh application.submitted and paid.noe registering for TLS.wants me to choose type of visa .I clicked settlement.noe its saying short stay this right? That sounds like a 6 month one.wish they wouldn't change the names of things.
  • Settlement visa is correct but its initially short stay as he is only granted 30 months at outset
  • Thank you.nearly there.printed off application form.have a receipt via email for visa fee.have paid health surcharge but no receipt.
  • Says status complete.but no receipt for health that OK?
  • Go to the status page,where it says on the right hand side, application complete, declaration signed, BRP location, view appointment, IHS payment complete etc. Has the IHS payment complete gone green with a tick? If so you can go in and print your receipt.
  • Its strange because there's 2 different shades of green! Application completed tick light green...declaration signed tick..light green.... Brp collection location. Tick..darker green... View appointment. Tick...darker green...IHS payment completed.tick...light green...view payment.tick... Darker green... Register at commercial I have registered and I've printed... On the left it says status step print application..
  • As long as its green its ok. You should be able to click on the IHS payment and print it off.
  • We've had all confirmation emails and printed off receipts.the appointment is for 2.15 next Friday.I thought the visa centre closes at 1.hope that's not a the husband is saying he's got to get a tb test because his friend did.I've told him he doesn't need it.thank you so much for all your help.its very much appreciated.
  • @libby_lou , you are right your husband does not need a TB test
    As for the appointment you can always query the appointment with TLS as you have registerd with them on line.
  • Thank you so much for all your help alethia.I'll let you know if we get it.x
  • One last thing many photos do they want to see? I got 4, 8 inch x 10 inch collages printed.each collage dhows 14 pics.holidays and friend has sent over 150.. Now I'm thinking I haven't sent enough.I wax going for quality over quantity.
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    150 your friend must be nuts!! We send 10 of the wedding at the most with the applications made from our office. You will be fine libby_lou. UK Visas want to see you both attended the wedding not the disco or
    riding into the sunset on your honeymoon :smiley:
  • Lol.thank you alethia. Xxx
  • Lol.thank you alethia.xx
  • We are about to go to the visa centre. Hubby telling me I need to book his flight.I'm saying don't need to till get visa( if) is hr right?
  • We are about to go to the visa centre and hubby stressing because he says I need to book his flight?? Please help.
  • DO NOT buy a ticket. Your husband is being pushy and needs to stop. He does not need a ticket with this application. In fact the UK visas make it very clear that applicants for spouse visas should NOT purchase air tickets until the visa is granted.
  • Thank you.yes he's being totally OTT.he tried to sneak a big pile of photos into the bag and an extra passport PIC( there's already 3 in there.its always" this is what my friend did".I had to stop him from sending driving licence and tb test results that he went ahead and got done.I said if it was up to me I'd refuse you for wasting time with so many unecessary things.thank you alethia.
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