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Entry to Cyprus for Indian Passports

Hi , I have an Indian passport with U.A. E residence visa. I was planning a vacation to Cyprus flying with Emirates Airlines. And i came to know im given free entry only to northern Cyprus. If that is true, then i need an airline that would fly to an airport within northern Cyprus. Need guidance in planning my vacation.


  • Since 1974 the Island of Cyprus has been divided and is two seperate countries. They are seperated by the UN Buffer Zone nown as the Green Line

    The southern Republic of Cyprus is Greek/English speaking and is a member of the EU and Indian citizens need to apply to the nearest Cypriot Embassy for a visa before they travel.

    The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC is Turkish/English speaking and Indian citizens are granted a visa upon arrival.

    As an Indian citizen you can only enter TRNC at Ercan Airport Lefkosa (sometimes called Lefkosa Airport) You cannot cross the border from north to south or vice versa, without a valid Republic of Cyprus visa.

    You will need to fly to Istanbul and then to Ercan. Turkish Airlines, Atlas jet and Pegasus airline operate direct North Cyprus flights to Ercan, however when I say direct I mean with a brief stop over in Turkey, as no international flights are allowed to fly directly to Ercan Airport in North Cyprus!

    You do not say when you will take your vacation
  • Hi, my aunt has uk visa and is visiting us in uk but now we are planning to go for a holiday to north Cyprus in April, how can she apply for a visa from UK which is where she is visiting at the moment.
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    Ido not think your aunt requires a visa for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus but you can confirm this with their consulate in London.

    There are two things you need to remember:-

    1. If you aunt has a single visit UK visa she cannot return to the UK after her holiday in North Cyprus because her visa is vallid for only one visit. If she has a multiple entry UK visa she can trave in and out of the UK.

    2. As and Indian national your aunt cannot enter North Cyprus from South Cyprus. You must fly to Istanbul airport and then fly to Ercan airport in North Cyprus. You do not need to leave the airport in Istanbul to catch the flight to North Cyprus so she wont need a Turkish visa.

    You will have a super time in north Cyprus. Enjoy.
  • @pasi i know this was an old post but i am in a similar position as you and just wondered if you could give me some advice. What was your outcome? Thank you
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