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Grace period to travel on SA passport?

Hi peeps,

I have looked everywhere for answers, but no luck.

My application for British citizenship has been approved and my citizenship ceremony is coming up in November. I did not apply to retain my South African citizenship as I am not planning on moving back.

I know that I will no longer be a South African citizen after my ceremony, and will apply for my British passport in due time. However, I am planning a trip back to SA this Christmas to visit my family. I will need to use my South African passport as I wont have my British passport in time.

Does anyone know if there is a grace period? : Some countries allow 90 days during which you may continue to use your passport, of the country you are technically no longer a citizen, for travels. I was wondering I SA allows the same? Their is no mention of this topic on any of the officials' sites.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


  • Do you have a valid SA passport? If you do not apply for your British passport until after Christmas you could travel on your SA passport. There is nothing to stop you. The British government does not tell the SA government you have British citizenship, they have better things to do.

    There is no such grace period or ninety day rule when you renounce citizenship.

    You have not renounced your citizenship you have just not applied to retain it, that is a big difference, as technically you can apply to get it back at any time.
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