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Delivery gift to Uzbekistan

My parents and many friends live in Uzbekistan, but now I live in Denmark. Soon many holidays and I want to congratulate them, that is why I ask reviews about quality services of delivery of gifts. Never them did not use, that is why I can not choose(


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    Hi Hata_Low,

    There are a number of shipping services that are reliable, including DHL and Parcel Monkey, both internationally recognised shipping companies that ship to Uzbekistan.

    I wish you luck on finding the best deal!

  • Oh yes, I heard about this service) but they will be able to deliver a gift that can be placed in a box only.
    But I would like to send flowers
  • I think it is best to find out about a place in Uzbekistan that offers that service and then transfer money to them to deliver the flowers. I'm sure they will be much appreciated by whoever they are for.

  • Interflora is the most famous flower and gift delivery service in the world
    I have used their services many times, you can go into an Interflora florist shop or buy on line. Denmark and Uzbekistan are included in the countries they service.
  • Thank you!
    Looked their web-site, beautiful bouquets. And I found such service of delivery Do you know that about them? On a web-site a good choice is too, and they deliver flowers specially to Uzbekistan...
  • Sorry @Hata_Low but I have never heard of Uz Flowers.
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