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Need help for French Visa

We are a group of friends and we are planning a last gathering together in Paris. We are all staying in Manila. As I am a Malaysian, I dont need a visa to Paris, and my wife, a Filipino can apply for one without issues. However, I have got a Thai friend, who is currently in staying in Manila as a tourist, cant get one without an ACR. Another friend of mine, a Nepali, also staying in Manila, cant get a visa for his wife and child, who doesnt possess an ACR. Bottom line is, they have gone out of the country over the past 6 months and the criteria there is to be a resident here for at least 1 year. Any help endorsed? All we want to do is to visit Paris and enjoy our Christmas there for 10 days and return. Thats all. Seems impossible now.


  • Yes it is impossible. Your friends need to apply for the Schengen visa from their home country or the country in which they are resident. Without the The ACR I-card (Alien Certificate of Registration card) they do not have residency in the Phillipines so why can't your friends just go home and apply for the visa from their home country? After all one is a tourist and the other woman has travelled already outside of the Phillipines.

    Who picked Paris for your last meeting? Why choose a city in Europe when you are fully aware there are visa issues? I suggest you find a country where you can all visit without the visa issue.

  • thought about that.. but with a Nepali, Thai and a Filipino, the options are limited. Thanks!
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