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Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Hi I was planning a trip to Turkey, including stops in Istanbul and Cappadocia. Referring specifically to the recent bombing in Ankara and the terrorist activity in the country in recent times, is it still safe to visit Turkey on holiday as tourists?


  • Hi Greg.

    As a whole, I believe it is still relatively safe to travel to Turkey and it is certainly a wonderful destination for tourists. The recent terrorist activity has prompted the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK to put out a warning to tourists, which reads as such: "update on explosions in Ankara on 10 October; you should remain especially vigilant, avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings and follow instructions given by local authorities". The FCO also advises against all travel to within 10 km of the border with Syria. More info at: . It is always a good idea to check official sources before visiting a country.

    On a lighter note, many tourists are still having a great time in Turkey and have no problems with safety, despite the unfortunate events of late. With this in mind, I saw a great thread on this forum that wonderfully outlines essential information when travelling to Turkey from a first hand experience. The link to that is here: and it includes essential information regarding things like visa applications for Turkey, how to exchange money in Turkey for Lira, shopping advice for Turkey and even how to deal with Turkish locals and other things you may not think about, like travel health insurance.

    All the best for your travels!
  • I agree with everything @Chris_Straeuli has wrtiten.

    Turkey is a large country the seaside resorts of the Aegean and Medterranean are over 700 miles from Ankara the Syrian border approximately 900 miles. Cappadocia is 300 miles from Ankara

    Istanbul has had many demonstrations and even bombings but it does not stop the tourists. The Turkish army and security forces are well trained and on high alert.

    Approximately 30 million tourists have visited Istanbul this year so far and I was one of them. and I would go again tomorrow
  • Hello, right now the condition in Turkey is very good. Recently I had visited there without facing any problem.
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