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Visa for Kuwait and Dubai


I am a South African citizen and I want to visit my cousin in Dubai in December/January. I want to stop in Kuwait along the way and visit a friend who is working there. Do I need to apply for a visa to both countries? Is there a special shengen-like visa for the region?


  • @Shoaib you need to apply for two visas as yet there is no GCC single visa
  • @Alethia
    Thank you for your help, that GCC would have made it a lot easier, anyway. Does anyone have any recommendations on things to do?
  • Hi Shoaib,

    There are a few major attractions in Dubai, other than the large shopping malls of course. One of my personal favorites was taking an exhilarating, but dangerous, 4x4 drive around nearby sand dunes and then eating local food out in the desert, under the stars in the company of very talented belly dancer. The Old Town is also an interesting place to be, just don't walk around at noon, it's very hot and unpleasant if you're not used to it. You can also have a look at this free guide on what to do in Dubai.

    As far as Kuwait is concerned, there are a few attractions to see, including the Kuwait Towers, the grand Mosque of Kuwait, the Souk Al-Mubarakiya or Tareq Rajab Museum of Islamic Arts, among others. If you need any information, check out this guide on Kuwait.
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