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Health and Safety in Ghana

I am travelling to Ghana in 2016 - some time in Accra and hopefully some excursions up the coast which I hear is beautiful and home to some fascinating old colonial forts. Can anybody here advise me on health issues in the country? What vaccinations should I get and is there any medication I should be on? Also, I hear Ghana is one of the more safe and stable countries in the region but I would appreciate any advice on things like safety, crime and scams...


  • There is actually quite a litany of health advice for Ghana! You will need malaria medication I'm afraid - consult your doctor about the best kind to suit you as thankfully there are now many different kinds. The only vaccination you will need for travel to Ghana is yellow fever, but you should also consider getting vaccinations for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and typhoid. If you are travelling between November and June a meningococcus vaccination may also be a good idea. Also, be very careful with drinking water - bottled water is widely available and you should stick to that.

    Ghana is comparatively safe by regional standards, but you should be cautious in all the usual ways. Check out the FCO travel safety advice for Ghana
  • Oh and happy travels!
  • Thanks! That's very useful. Have you been to Ghana by any chance? Any recommendations for things to see and do in Accra?
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    Hi Maggie, yes indeed Ghana is safe. I am an american, I work with Mobil oil so I travel in & out of accra, There are a lot of recommendations in accra like the national museum, cape-coast castle, I'm currently in Accra and I'd love to help show you around ...
  • Hello Maggie,

    You are absolutely correct that Ghana is really safe&beautiful place. Recently I had an Educational Tour Programs to Ghana which I booked from for 15 days. On those days I really seem to be more happy, but some days I was in a high fever which I think due to sudden atmospheric change otherwise all are OK. I think you can enjoy their most.
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