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extension of schengen visa

I have applied for schegen visa for Nov 2nd to Nov 7th 2015 ,and the visa was also granted , but the customer wants me to visit Germany in latter dates between 7th Nov and 14 Th November 2015 for his convenience , also he issued a new invitation letter for those dates for me to travel.what should i do now? should i cancel the granted visa and reapply a fresh visa? what are the formalities to be submitted from my side ? is the chances high that they approve the new visa? pl help


  • You will need to apply for a new visa. Your customer should give clear reasons why he needs you to stay an extra week, if this is your first Schengen visa then you may be refused. You cannot play around with visa applications and should have made firm arrangements with your customer before you applied.
  • thank you so much alethia. i will apply new visa . will customer fresh invitation stating revised dates is enough for apply for the same .? or any reason to be mentioned in the invitation letter? pl help
  • Your customer needs to explain in full why he is extending the dates. Also you must submit ALL supporting upto date evidence with this fresh application.
  • Actually its important to when u use your visa is it trible or single :) i lived its before on the passport control and my ticket resevations is crashed :)
  • thank you so much for the comments will apply anew one with the clear reason.
  • Hi ur advice I applied a new visa and obtained an extension.. Thanks ..

    I have an doubt like if I need to transit through Zurich and I have 12hours transit time in time for my next flight to hannover?, do I need to take transit visa for my 12hrs stay at Zurich airport ???pls suggest
  • You do not require a transit visa, because you have a full Schengen visa which allows you enter into any Schengen country not just Germany.
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