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Question of papi car hire ...?

edited October 2015 in - Turkey
Hi guys, it is the first time i try to use a forum site and try to used to be while using :) fisrt of i wanna ask some questions about my last trip to Izmir and when i was in there rented a car from izmir car hire. It was start in airport for renting i take off in Andan menderes airport then finded a izmir car rental in airport thats name is papi rent a car.Its okey till now but when i was renting that car they asked me about my credit card's is let for provision and then they took 200 Euro while i use the car.
Probably its using for guarented if it can be any problem who is rented that car.
Then my enjoy travel is finished and i give car up to papi car rental it was so easly coz they have a office in Airport while the time i asked about my provision they told me it will be remand in 3days till 5 days between.
So it was 3 days of turn back and still in my extrad no have any change. Is it a real practice? And if it is when my provision is turn back to my limit?

Thanks to your answers!



  • edited October 2015
    Hi alexandrases :) i used in stambul is a city of turkey and it was a provision when we rented :) my advise is try to check your credit card on the day..
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