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Passport expiry

edited October 2015 in - New Zealand
We are going back to nz from west australia , for Christmas, on nz passports.
We return to Perth 09 jan 2016.
Ours adult passports run out on 02 may 2016. The kids run out 31 May 2016.
Are we ok to travel there and back , or will we have to renew them.
The reason been I am trying to hold off renewing until the nz passports turn back to 10 years in Nov.


  • For simple immigration questions like this it's always better to go straight to the source:

    Reminder about passport validity when travelling to Australia: Australia requires that your passport must be valid only for the period of your intended travel in and out of Australia. There is no requirement for your passport to be valid for six months after your travel.

    Have fun.

  • As Terry has pointed out, you'll be absolutely fine to travel without renewing your passports. Enjoy!
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