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Austrian temperature over November-December


I want to travel Austria from end of November till 1st week of Decemeber.

Please do suggest me Positives and Negatives of It. My basic concern is would I be stuck in the resort/Hotel or I can do sight seeing. how many hours will be day time.

Will Euro rail be operational that time....


  • Daylight time will be approx. from 8.00am to 5 pm - depending on weather conditions. It tends to be quite damp and cold during this time of the year - fog, rain or sleeze, sometimes snow. Temperatures around the freezing point to slightly plus.
    No need to be stuck anywhere if you bring the right clothes (warm anorak, warm boots, mittens, hat) and the right attitude - there is no bad weather, just insufficient gear. Possibly too early for skiing anyway so I would rather suggest a city break in Vienna, where there is a lot to do and to see indoors.
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    A group of friends wish to travel to Saalbach from the 26 December20009 to about the 9 January 2010 to ski. Is this the right time of the year to ski or snowboard?
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    26 Dec is prime season, snow pack should be building from mid December, so hopefully you will have a good base.
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    we plan to travel in Austria during 1-5 December 2011, how about temperature there? Moreover, please recommend which city we should go during that time. Thanks in advance
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    i am travelling to austria in the first week of november. Please advise me about the weather conditions
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