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Visa requirements for Philippines

edited October 2015 in India and Asia
When entering the manila airport just tell the girl at the window you want a tourist visa for 30 days and she will stamp it in your passport. If you want to stay longer go to your nearest immigration office fill out the paperwork but you will need three 2x2 pictures with a plain white collared shirt cz they will ask you for that. Then they will tell you to come back usually in an hour cz they check if your wanted or blacklisted. And if everythings ok they will give you either a 1 month or 2 month or up to a year if you want then pay the fee they will stamp your passport and give you a receipt. Carry that on you at all times. I know this cz i have been to the Philippines several times and i just left there on September 18 2015.


  • kcir007, your post makes no sense because you give no clue of your nationality. All Visa regulations are NOT the same for everyone.

  • The Philippines is officially one of the countries that demand six months validity on passports for travellers, so that is an important thing to consider. Also, according to their official requirements the longest they will initially issue a visa for on arrival is 30 days - getting up to a year or two on arrival seems hugely unlikely. If you apply for a visa before travel in your country you may get up to 59 days. There is often some discrepancy between the official requirements listed on embassy websites and the way things are handled on the ground at border posts, but it is always far safer for travellers to abide by the official requirements as border control agents have every right to enforce them whenever they choose.
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