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Malaria in SE Asia - Thailand and Indonesia?

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Is is necessary to take malaria meds for a trip to Thailand and Indonesia in Aug/Sept? We're doing the north and south of Thai, then off to Sumatra and Bali in Indo. Some day take Larium and Doxycycline, other people wouldn't touch the stuff. Has anyone travelled there recently and had experience of whether malaria medication is necessary or not?


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    The best treatment against malaria is a mozquito repellent. In Thailand, the only sickness linked to mozquito is the dengue fever, but there is no malaria. Same thing for Bali. However, if you go on jungle treck in Sumatra, then prevention is recommended. If you follow a Comon touristic path, then you can stay away from medications. Still, don't forget your mozquito repellent, and enjoy your trip.
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