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adultery laws in Tunisia

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I recently found out that my tunisian husband has been cheating on me and i have returned to the uk and plan to divorce him. A friend of ours has kindly offered for me to stay with him when i return to tunisia to obtain the divorce. However my husband has told me that even though there is nothing going on between me and this male friend........If I return to tunisia and stay with my friend, I could face going to prison and so could the friend because it is illegal to commit adultery in tunisia! Is this true?
Also, if adultery is illegal, then surely he too could be prosecuted for this as he has actually had sex with another girl or is this one of those laws that only applies to women?
please help, i just want to get my divorce sorted as soon as possible so that this nightmare can be over. ive wasted so much time and money on him and his family, i just want to move on with my life.
thanks for any help


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    Your ex husband is trying to scare you but he is correct to a degree. You should know by now there is one rule for Tunisian men and another rule for you
    The cohabitation of women and non-related men constitutes in Tunisia the offense of prostitution.

    This is not applicable when both partners are non-tunisian (eg. tourists) - there is usually no problem with this combination in Tunisia (although it is formally still against the law).

    However, if one partner is Tunisian and the other non-tunisian, problems can arise - you should keep a low profile.
    Why would you be so foolish to tell your husband where you will be staying?
  • I can't imagine why you would tell your husband or his family or any mutual acquaintances anything about your travel plans, let alone where you're actually staying. Cohabitating with an acquaintance of his is mind boggling to me.

    Good luck.

  • Adultery is a common occurence - whilst it is an offence it is rare for anyone to be jailed for this. Usually everyone turns a blind eye!! It has only been in recent years that the law here was changed for only one wife - my husband's grandfather had a succession and always 4 at a time!!!
  • Doesn't seem fair really lol...but thank you for all the good advice and assistance...very much appreciated
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    Ok, thank-you so much for your help and advice. I didn't actually tell him who I was planning to stay with, he told me that whatever hotel I stay in, he will find out because he knows people in nearly every hotel, so I just said I wasn't staying in a hotel and he knows that the only friends I have (outside of his family) are male, hence his reaction.
    The reason I spoke with this friend in the first place was because I walked out on my husband 4 days before I was due to fly home, I went to a hotel and the staff seemed creepy to say the least, I don't speak Arabic and the food was not great at this hotel and quite far from local restaurants etc, so he and a couple of my other friends came to take me out places each evening.
    I'm flying out in a couple of weeks having now sourced an English speaking solicitor and my friends have found me an apartment to rent whilst I'm there. So all is good and looking forward to putting it all behind me. Thanks again for the help and advice.
  • Good luck to you.

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