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Visa needed for layover in Dubai?

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dear all,
I have layover of 8hrs in Dubai airport and iam travelling from franfurt towards india .
is that possible me to go out for sight seeing/
what are the formalities for permit visa? heard for 96 hrs visa in their shelp


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    @ramana20, are you a German citizen? I need to know your nationality before I can give visa and transit advice...
  • ella, I am indian citizen..
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    Right, you don't need a transit visa if you stay in the airport, as I'm sure you know. And it is a very well-equipped airport with all the restaurants and shops and lounges you might expect. As far as leaving the airport for a few hours is concerned it seems like there is a possibility of a short-term visa (the 96 hour one you mention) being issued on arrival if you go to the desk and explain the situation. It is pretty much at the discretion of the person you talk to though and I am struggling to find official information for Indian citizens in particular. I do know that India is not one of the countries that officially qualifies for visas on arrival in the UAE but it seems from online accounts that the 96 hour visa may be an exception. You could apply for it in advance but this will involve a fee and a certain amount of admin so you need to decide if it is worth it for such a short stay. If I were you I would just go and try my luck - if you are told you can't leave the airport it's not the end of the world. Bear in mind that taking into account the time you will need to allow to get through border control, boarding etc you won't have much time to spare to explore anyway, even if the visa is granted.
  • Oh and you will need a passport valid for at least six months upon your arrival in Dubai to qualify for a visa.
  • Ella ,thank you very much for the detailed answer.. As u rightly said even granted I might not get much time to room around, btwn anyways will try my luck...hope online visa is the option ..will try to hit it...moreover are there any nearby areas to airport to just have a glimpse.. If u know pls recommend.....
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