Questions about Re-Entering Thailand

I am an American citizen, residing in Germany on a permanent
basis. In April 2009, I flew to Bangkok, Thailand to have dental
work performed. I obtained a 90-day Visa from the Thai Consulate
in Munich, Germany for 50 Euro. I returned to Germany on
7 June 2009. In October 2009, I will be attending a TEFL (Teaching
English as a Foreign Language) school for approximately 4-5 weeks.
After graduation, I plan to remain in Bangkok to seek full-time
employment. I have heard horror stories to the effect that I will
not be permitted to return to Thailand until 6 months have passed.
Is their any truth to this information? I have called the Thai
Consulate in Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin and have heard various
stories concerning this same question. I have already purchased my
one-way ticket to Bangkok ( I had a one-way ticket to Bangkok
when I had my dental work performed, because I did not know
exactly when my dental work would be finished), paid for part of
my school tuition, therefore, I need assistance, soon, to identify
what I need to do, prior to the date of my flight. The woman that
I talked to, a few weeks ago, said that I would not have a problem,
but I did not care for her surly attitude when I first obtained my Visa
for Thailand, in April, nor did care for her attitude when I called
a few weeks ago in July 2009. My residence in Germany, is located
perhaps 300 kilometers from Munich, therefore, I will have to
rent and pay for a vehicle to drive to Munich, pay for gas, food,
and accomodations, therefore, I need to take care of this matter
in one trip; not that I have forgotten something, and have to drive
back to my place of residence in Germany, which will be another
added expense, considering the price of gas, especially. Therefore,
I need someone's assistance to resolve this conundrum.

Thank you.


Dennis P. Habern


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