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Tourist card for Cuba

edited October 2015 in - Cuba
Sorry I know you answer this hundreds of times but just want to know the following. I am Canadian married to a Nepali. We are going to Cuba with a group of friends from Toronto on an all inclusive package for one week. I am concerned that when we get to the airport in Toronto that we run the risk of my husband on his Nepali passport being refused. The embassy and the tour company both say no problem - all he needs is valid passport, travel insurance and package tour but when I look at other websites they say Nepalis need visas. However if the Nepali lives in Canada then no problem. What do they define as living in Canada ? We will be in Canada about a month before we go to Cuba. Thanks for your advice


  • You have no worries. Everyone will be issued a Cuban Tourist Card by your Tour Operator. Nationality is immaterial.


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