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italian citizen and australian temporary resident on 820 partner visa travelling to italy

hi, I'm an italian citizen. I hold an australian temporary resident on 820 partner visa. I'm travelling to italy on the 10/12/2015 and returning on the 01/01/16. I hold an italian passport expiring on the 16/05/16.
can i travel with less than 6 month on my passport???
thanks kindly, any suggestion will be great as i can't get hold of the italian consulate in brisbane


  • Hi Martinadiabo,

    As an Italian (and EU) citizen your passport expiry date will not stop you from entering the country. However, non-EU citizens require at least 3 months validity and six months is recommended.

  • Thanks Rowan. My biggest fear is: will I be able to re-enter Australia? with only 4 months left on my passport?
  • You should be ok as you hold an Australian resident permit. Why dont you get a new Italian passport while your in Italy?
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