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How to start divorce in Tunisia?

edited October 2015 in - Dubai
Hi all,

I know this has been asked so many times but I am looking at the answers and they are not helping me. I am Bosnian living in Dubai married to a Tunisian. I want to start divorce because I doubt he will do it. Now he is in Tunisia and I am in Dubai, we don't have children, married since February this year in Tunisia. My reasons are not so many different from other girls problems, but there has been so many things that happen in past 3 years since we are together. Now I'm emotionally and physically drained and I can not take it anymore. For so long I was looking for excuses for his behavior and I came across this page reading other posts and found myself in so many of them. I'm happy and sad at the same time finding out that I'm not the only one. I don't know what happened to to world!?


  • Nothing happened to the world, women fall headover heels for foreign men who charm them, say what women want to hear, provide sex on tap and then marry them , the women paying for everything along the way. thats known in Tunisia and other countries as "bezness"

    I suggest you contact a Tunisian lawyer to handle your divorce,
  • im tunisian man i feel ashamed of thouse mans its realy sad they maked real tunisian mans looks like shits !
  • guerradios - unfortunately here there are many young men who think that marrying a foreign woman is the way out of Tunisia. And most foreign women fall for the charm and lose their hearts and forget their minds. It's not just the fault of the man. I give lots of advice to foreigners but they don't often listen. And yes, it is sad but it's not just Tunisian men who do this - believe me.
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