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Am I(Singaporean) allowed to apply for a German Visa in the UK

Hello all,

It would help me greatly if anyone had any information on whether I, with a Singapore passport, would be allowed to apply for a German Visa of some sort, at the German Embassy, in the UK.

I have been residing in Germany for around 70 days and have 20 days left. I have heard that a non-Schengen region like the UK, allows me, to stay for a total of 180 days.

If that is the case, would I also then be able to apply for some sort of German Visa(have had a couple of job interviews in Germany, with a few interested employers) in the UK, once my 90 days in Germany is up, as it would give me up to 6 months to apply and cost me less for flights and accommodation as compared to flying back to Singapore to apply for it.


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    Refer to Terry's link It seems that Singaporeans do not need a Schengen visa so you may be able to use up your 20 days then go to the UK.
  • So..does anyone actually have any useful information on whether I'd be able to travel to the UK to apply for a German visa at the German Embassy there?
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    @xtars11 your response was very rude. Terry and I have given you solid advice. We give our time as experts free and do not expect when we have given good useful advice that someone would make a comment such as this.

    "So..does anyone actually have any useful information on whether I'd be able to travel to the UK to apply for a German visa at the German Embassy there?

    The link Terry gave you is to the German Embassy in the UK. It clearly states that Singapore Citizens DO NOT need a Schengen visa. The UK allows Singaporeans six months stay upon entry no visa required. Ireland grants Singaporeans three months upin arrival.

    What more information do you want?
  • Infomation to my question would be nice. I asked about the possibility of applying for a Schengen visa at the German embassy in the UK, so as I stay on in Germany to work/job seek and whether this would be possible to do so via a normal entry into the UK.

    So far, you've twiced told me that I'm allowed to enter the UK without requiring a visa, to which I already knew beforehand.
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    @xstars11 Please read again our posts. Citizens holding Singapore passports DO NOT need to apply for a Schengen visa, it is confirmed in the link. You DO NOT need to go to the German Embassy in the UK and apply for a visa.

    There is no German visa it is known as a Schengen visa. This is the visa for Germany and allows you to travel through to other Schengen countries.

    Can someone help me out here as @xstars11 seems to have difficulty understanding what I write.
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    xtars11... come on, man... stop being such a high maintenance baby.

    Your grasp of English appears to be competent enough, so simply read the official government link that I gave you in the first reply. It tells you everything you need to know.

    If you can't understand the information in the link then hire an agent to make your travel arrangements.

    Have fun and good luck.

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