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Reapplication of Visa

Dear All,
I recived a rejection for my parents Belgium visit visa(60 days)-Shengen visa applied from VFS India and was sent to Belgium for further assessement.All necessary documents were submitted by me as mentioned by them in the checklist of their website.As per below reason we had shown to and fro flight tickets as well as accomodation was planned for them to live with me in my rented apartment in Belgium.The bank statements as shown had a balance above 3 lakhs.
Below is the refusal reason stated:

1)Insufficient means of subsistence, both for the duration of the intended stay and for the return to their country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country where you will be admitted with certainty, or to be in the position to acquire such means lawfully
2)Coverage is inadmissible: the guarantor does not have an unlimited residence in Belgium.
3)No or insufficient evidence of financial coverage for the stay
4)Insufficient financial resources to the submitted bank account to fund the travel and accommodation
5)Your intention to leave the territory of the Member State before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained

There is a mention of either re applying else going for an appeal for annulment to Litigation office in Belgium.I hear as I called their office than an appeal takes a minimun of 1 year.
in such a case I am in a dilemma whether to re apply for belgium or apply as a tourist visa in Switzerland.Kindly advise.Belgium cases I hear are not very positive.


  • All Schengen countries have diferent appeal processes , there is no single process, some countries dont even have a proper appeal system.
    The question is what will you appeal?
    1. They had insufficient funds for the length of stay (3 lakhs is only about 4,00 Euro)
    2. You obviously do not have permanent residence in Belgium so you can sponsor or provide a guarantee
    3. Some Indian banks are often considered dodgey by Europe and normal bank statements from Indian banks are not acceptable without a covering letter from the bank.

    You will be wasting your time appealing
    As for "visa shopping" this is frowned on in thge Schengen zone. Can't get into one country so try another. Your parets information is now on the VIS database shared by all Schengen states.
  • Dear,
    Yes, I certainly do not wish to go for an appeal as I enquired regarding the appeal process for Belgium where the visa was applied and later rejected.I called the Litigation Aliens Office where appeal was meant to be applied and was told an appeal can take a min of a year.My only concern here is,as I read through blogs and based on my experience as well as few of my collegues it is seen the cases for Belgium hold very less chances of success I am unawre as to why.It is for that reason I would take your recommendation if applying for other Shengen countries is better or should I reapply for same-Belgium
    Also if you could help me how to make my case stronger this time.Following were the docs submiited by me
    1)Visa Application forms
    2)2 seperate Commune invitation for parents given by the area my residence is registered
    3)Composition de Menage provided by Commune
    4)My 3 months bank statement,6 months bank statement of my father
    5)My 3 months Rent slip
    6)Cover letter submittied by parents
    7)Residence card copy,visa copy and my work permit
  • @Prarthna you do not have permanent residence in Belgium
    "Coverage is inadmissible: the guarantor does not have an unlimited residence in Belgium." so you cannot act as a sponsor for your parents.
    Your parents need more money they had insufficient funds last time.
    @Prarthna You have posted your question on other internet sites and thge answers have been similar to mine.
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