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British African husband

I am 51 my husband of 26 yrs abandoned me with 4 kids and left to Africa where he married without my knowledge a 25yrs old girl. We both have British passports. He is not helping financial with the kid. Please help what are my rights


  • @fatima64 while your husband is in Africa there is nothing you can do. Once he returns to the UK there is a lot you can do. If your children are under 21 and in full time education you can make a claim against him with the Child Support Agency.CSA

    If you have evidence of your husbands marriage you can report him to the police as this is bigamy.
    You can also write to the British Embassy in the African country with his details and the girls and say you believe she will try to enter the UK illegally as his wife or a visitor.

    I would also change the locks on your house doors in case your husband comes back and tries to get in, if your house is rented you can take over the house in your sole name if you have a mortgage it maybe worth taking some legal advice however with children still at home you would probably keep the house after all these years of marriage. If you divorce you can also take some of his pension and any thing else you can get your hands on.

    You don't give the age of your children or if your working because there may be benefits you are enttitled to.
  • Thanks for the advice will do just that. He although travels around the world and comes to uk on holidays but ignores me. As right now he is here on holiday, am so stressed. What should I do?
  • This is very upsetting for you, maybe you should consider divorcing him, he obviously does not want you or his children
    Where does he stay when he is the UK? He must earn money to pay for these trips. If he has a UK address and works or conducts business here you can get money from him.
    How old are your children?
  • Am considering a divorce , he now lonely vets in africa with his young wife. He is at his sister's house in London on holiday. He s a finance direct in the Gambia and he doesn't help me or the kids. He refused to speak to me since he got married. Thanks
  • Alethia has asked twice about the ages of your children. Very difficult for any expert to give advice when you hold back vital information.

    Good luck with your situation.

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