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Is it safe to go to Iran?

Hi all,

I am a history student in the UK, looking to go to the Middle East for a holiday/culture visit– instead of the Ibiza island parties :/.
I've looked at Iran as the safest destination for me (and the most interesting, rich in ancient culture), however, any input on safety and or things to do and not to do would be appreciated.


  • Iran is definitely NOT the safest destination ,I am assuming you are British and British nationals - including dual British/Iranian nationals - face greater risks than nationals of many other countries.
    You need to read the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding travel to Iran.

    Turkey is safe and straddles both East and West and is loaded with culture and historical sites, travel is direct and comfortable. After visiting Istanbul, one of the most fabulous ancient cities in the workd you can visit Gallipoli and Troy then onwards to Epheseus and Pamukkale.

    Jordan is also ok to visit and has many historical sites including the rose city of Petra. from Jordan you can cross easily into Israel and from Israel which is loaded with history.
    From Jordan you can fly to Cairo which is also safe to visit.

    Cyprus is also considered to be in the Middle East and as a British passport holder you can travel from the South to the North with ease. Or even fly from Istanbul to Ercan airport in the North of Cyprus.

    So you see, instead of endangering yourself in Iran there are plenty of other countries and historical sites to visit in safety.
  • Okay wow, thanks Alethia!

    I hadn't really given those other destinations as much thought. I read the post and saw that they had recently lifted their warning against all travel to Iran and also that they are busy reestablishing the Embassy in Tehran.

    But, its a very good point nonetheless. Thanks for your suggestions!
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