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Visitor visa for uk

My friend wants to invite her tunisisn boyfriend to UK for 6 months.I've told her,from what I've heard,that its almost impossible if HD cannot demonstrate strong ties to return ( land,business,job) he is fresh out of college.has no job(although his father owns a company and would write a letter to say hr has s job waiting) he we're has no money ,but his auntie would deposit £2,000 in his bank ( I thought he needed £3,000 added gradually over time.would spreciate any advice as she's heard different and getting me confused now.
Thank you


  • @libby_lou you are absolutely correct. I am sure he will be refused a visa but you know, sometimes you need to let these people apply and fail as they will not believe what you tell them.
  • Thank you! X
  • libby_lou.....Alethia is correct. He has no hope of a visitor visa. Tell your friend to keep her money in her pocket. Even with a vast list of assets he still can't get a visa. Does your friend see the news at all??? Does she know how many Tunisians smuggle themselves out of here and over stay visas?
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