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Being Bankrupt Applying for Spouse Visa

If I go bankrupt to get rid of my current debt in the UK will I be affected if I apply for a Spouse Visa for my Tunisian Man?
Thank you


  • When you're declared bankrupt, your bank account may be frozen immediately. You may not be able to use it again and might find you have problems getting another bank account. As you need six months months bank statements that maybe a problem.
    You cannot be overdrawn at all on the bank account you submit with any application to the Home Office

    Bankruptcy may also affect your home for example your home can be repossed to pay your debts and you may have a problem privately renting.
  • Thank ýou for your advice x
  • Can I ask another question please, if you are on disability I understand you don't have to pay the fees for a spouse visa but you need adequate money left at the end of the month for living - the government don't give you a figure can you help please? Also how many bank statements do you need 6 or 12 on benefits? Many thanks Alethia
  • You do have to pay the Home Office fees if you are on disability , you do not have to meet the income level of £18600 per annum.
    Do you get disability living allowance? Do you get any other benefits?
  • I am on full PIP (changed from DLA), ESA, I pay a small Council Tax charge and I get Housing Benefit.
  • Alethia, are we allowed to email you privately and I really do appreciate your advice thank you
  • Of course private message me on here
  • Thank you x
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    @joshuahenderson the original poster states she is based in the UK, your link is to a French website. French law and the British legal system are completly different, so, this link would be of no benefit.
  • please i need help my spous did a visa from his country tunisia and they told him to wait one month but when he call they toud him that they are making arrangement so i what to no what does that mean because he was expecting that i shoud come this week am from cameroon
  • @sulivance your post makes no sense. Are you applying to go to Tunisia or is your husband coming to Cameroon? Who told your husband to wait one month?
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