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Overstay Visa @ Singapore

Hi guys,

I have arrived to Singapore on business and apparently overstayed my visa for two weeks. I thought my visa was for 3 months and just found out today it has already expired.
I'm a 58 years old male with an Israel passport.

Could anyone please tell me what should I do, what is the penalty and does it mean I won't be able to come back to Singapore?



  • Singapore is not happy with overstays, especially since extensions (at least to Tourist Visas) are super simple to do on-line.

    No clue what the penalty might be or whether this might result in a ban from returning, but you need to get dressed up and present yourself with all your documentation to an Immigration office immediately.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks!
  • @Lost you are in a very difficult position and need to do as Terry said and go immediately to the Immigration authorities, if you can afford it you may want to get legal advice as you are looking at a fine or imprisonment.

    I have just read the Singapore Immigration Rules .

    Unlawful entry or presence in Singapore

    15. —(1) A person shall not remain in Singapore after the cancellation of any permit or
    certificate, or after the making of a declaration under section 14 (4) or after the expiration or
    notification to him, in such manner as may be prescribed, of the cancellation of any pass
    relating to or issued to him unless he is otherwise entitled or authorised to remain in Singapore
    under the provisions of this Act or the regulations.

    (2) A person shall not remain in Singapore in contravention of section 62.

    (3) Any person who contravenes, without reasonable cause, this section shall be guilty of an
    offence and —
    (a) in the case where he remains unlawfully for a period not exceeding 90 days, shall be liable
    on conviction to a fine not exceeding $4,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6
    months or to both;
    (b) in the case where he remains unlawfully for a period exceeding 90 days, shall on conviction
    be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months and shall also, subject to
    section 231 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap. 68), be punished with caning with not less
    than 3 strokes, or where by virtue of that section he is not punishable with caning, he shall, in
    lieu of caning, be punished with a fine not exceeding $6,000.

    You are now liable to be arrested, detained and removed by the Singapore authorities. You will most certainly be banned from re-entering Singapore.

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