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Paris attacks and the Schengen

Hi all,

These horrific acts in Paris are so scary. Have they made any rulings on the Shengen Visa on a temporary basis? I know they've locked down France's border control.



  • @Alaine France has not literally locked down its borders.To truly shut down its borders and prevent any suspects from fleeing, France would have to close down dozens of airports (considered a port-of-entry and part of a border security strategy), prevent all vessels from entering and leaving its 12 maritime ports, stop all Eurostar trains that travel between France and the United Kingdom, and beef up security at the six railway stations It would also have to coordinate with agencies responsible for manning the dozens of border crossings in the six nations to the east. In saying that Germany has boosted security along its borders with France.

    Airports are open, trains are running and so are the ferries but security is really tight. Some countries have advised their citizens against travelling to France

    Systematic border control checks have been implemented at all entry points into France. A national state of emergency and a three-day period of mourning (14-16 November) have been declared.

    Visa's are still being issued but there will be far more stringent checks, that will on going for sometime which will mean more refusals.
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