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Uk visit visa application from italian student visa

Iam shaik parvez from india. I am currently pursuing a long term visa for study purpose in italy. I need to meet my friend in uk and see some tourist places in my holidays. What are the requirements for applying visitor visa
could you please help me with all the requirements and documents


  • @shaikpur to apply for a UK visit visa you will require the following:-
    1. Evidence of your studies in Italy, letters from your place of study confirming your fees are paid,your progress , what you are studying and college holiday dates.
    2.Evidence of your Italian residence permit and your accomodation
    3.3 months bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover a return ticket ,accodation, food travel etc.
    4, Proof of accomodation in the UK
    5. If you are staying with your friend he must give a letter of support, proof of his utility bills and evidence of where he lives.
    6. A letter from you explaining where you intend to visit etc
    Everything from Italy should be in English.
    Good luck.
  • Tq fr ua valuable advice
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