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Can unmarried couples share a room in Turkey

Hello there, this is my first time to use the site. Anyway my question is about is it possible to unmarried couples share a room in Turkey-Istanbul in particular by the way I'm from Saudi and my girlfriend she's from Morocco I'm living in the UK and we want to meet in Istanbul. so my question is are we allowed or not? even to travel princesses island or Bursa? I've been to Istanbul twice but that time we were a group of friends and we had shared rooms. Can any one help me with my query?
Thank you


  • There is no problem at all for unmarried couples to share a room in Turkey.

    You can travel where you like in Turkey. Although Turkey by religion is predoninately Muslim it is a secular country and therefore not ruled by archaic Sharia law and backwards idealogy.

    You do not say what time of year you will go to Turkey Istanbul and Bursa are fine all the year round but in the winter Princes islands are very gloomy and almost deserted wet sometimes blanketed in snow and biting cold.
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