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Visa to travel to Italy?

edited August 2016 in - Italy
Does a US legal resident needs a visa to travel to Italy? I know US citicens do not.


  • What nationality are you?
  • As usual with almost all questions regarding Visas on this forum you fail to give the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    Bottom line, you're likely okay but it's impossible to know for sure. Non-U.S. citizens legally residing in the US are not automatically granted Visas.

    Go here and investigate directly:

    Good luck.

  • Sorry, Internet is slow here in Cuba, didn't see Alethia's post.

    What she said! Haha...

  • Thanks Terry. I went to the suggested website. We are both Dominican, I am USA citizen and I do not visa. My mother has legal residency to live and stay in USA, but is not citizen. The suggested website tells me she will need a visa. I will call the Italy Embasy to double check. I was hoping she did not need visa. it has extra costs also.
  • We are both Dominican. I am US citizen, but my mother is only legal resident.
  • Your mother requires a visa to visit Italy or any other Schengen country. It is irrelevant that your mother is a legal resident of the US. She holds a Dominican passport. USA immigration laws do not prevail in Europe The Schengen visa costs 60 Euro (65 US dollars).
  • Oh Thanks so much for answering. The next question is do I need invitation from someone. Although we are staying at a friends apartment, she can no provide any documentation.
  • dianarmrz, have you read the Application?

  • @dianarmrz , you need to provide evidence of where you stay, this is a requirement of the Schengen visa.
    How strange somneone cannot provide evidence of where they live
  • Should she apply for visa in Dominican Republic or in Miami?, since she is an US resident but she has a Dominican passport. Also is the embassy in Dominican republic open. Last time I heard it was close and there is one in Panama assigned to Dominicans.
  • As your mother is a US resident she applies for her visa in Miami
  • I alongwith my three other friends applied for a Italy Visa from New Delhi VFS on 22nd August 2016 with invitation by a society in Bergamo, Italy to attend an event named "Europe Convention 2016". Three out of four applications were refused stating "The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable" but one of our friend was given Visa for 10 days with same invitation. No other reason is stated in our refusal letters.
    Is there any remedy ? Pls advise
  • @amarjit0001
    Yes reapply. Look at the documents your friend supplied and submit the same documents with evidence that your friend was granted a visa for the same Convention.
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