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Safety in Manila, Philippines

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Hi. I am thinking about going on holiday to Manila in the Philippines to stay with friend who lives out there. He assures me safety is not an issue, but the Foreign Office and US govt websites say there is a security risk, kidnappings etc. Anyone able to give me advice on safety in Manila? Thanks, M.
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    Having travelled to the Philipinnes over 45 times, visiting many regions, I have no problem with safety, just use common sence, dont carry huge sums of money, do not wear gold, (there are many snatchers), avoid cetain areas of Mindanao, main citys are ok. Safety in Manila is fine. Unless you are a high profile businessman your not likely to at risk of kidnap. Beware though, plenty of sneak theifs.
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    I Am a canadian with a current passport and i wish to travel to Cavite, Phillipines, will I be accepted, i have a criminal record. is this a safe country I am very naive about travel
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    I am traveling to Manila and Cebu any tips. I am alone
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    Sudzy - how about checking out our Philippines guides; you might get some ideas in the meantime:
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    Will be in Manila 3 weeks. Are weekend trips to Japan or Hong Kong possible or are flights time restrictive? Can you suggest any other places we can fly to for a weekend?
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