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Jordan & Syria tours

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Hi There,

Would apprecate some advice about travelling to Jordan & Syria. I would prefer to travel with a tour operator then travel independantly, does anyone know of any good budget tour operaters? Or can someone advise if it is easy enough to travel independantly to all the major historical sites and cities?

thank you


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    You can look at this link for the Levantine tour- Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

    If you do not want to do Lebanon, that can be removed from the program for you - groups are small 15 people only. Pls contract us at
    [email protected] for more information
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    Mark - be careful with the tour groups. Ensure that there are no more than 10 -12 on any tour otherwise it will be very rushed and you will not get to see everything properly. We have a fab tour of Jordan and Syria and although you will see that it is pricey, we can cater for a smaller budget also. We have only a few on our tours so that we can interact with the locals, change the itinerary at a moments notice and see all the sites without rushing. have a look at: In any case, I know that you will enjoy Jordan very, very much and Syria is a wonderful country.

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    Personally, I did help a very small group (only 3 family members) to come and visit my country, with ONE GROUP FREE VISA. I just asked them to send a fax from a tour agent based in their country with headed letter and logo. The fax includes the names of visitors, nationalities, age, passport validity, etc..By sendin. They were very thankful because they got a free visa, and there would be someone who is willingly would support them the time they arrive and depart Syria. I also have booked them hotels and found them English speaking skilled guide driver. If you need more information, just drop me a line, you are very welcome to your second home, Syria.
    Have an informative and enjoyable trip.
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    you can visit dead sea ,Aqabah in jordan on sep,

    you can visit Hammamat Maien (hot springs)in jan in jordan for relaxation.

    i did that
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