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please advice

I am planning to visit my gf on visitors visa to Germany, she is sending an obligation letter stating that i will live at her place and she will take care of all my expenses, in this case i am showing my salary slip and leave letter as my financial proof along with other documents. I am planning to go for a month. Do you think that the provided documents are enough to get a Schengen visa?
any advice from you is welcome, your guidance will be of great help.
Pratap :)


  • As usual with Visa questions on this forum you fail to give the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    Good luck.

  • @Pratap you will also require documents to show you have ties to your home country. You do not give your nationality or country of residence
  • i am from India
  • i am providing my 3 months salary slip and my leave letter for 30 days after which i have to resume my job, do you think this should be enough ?
  • You really need to show stronger ties to your home country
  • @Alethia what would you advice me to show in order to prove my stronger ties with my country?
  • Long and steady employment... ownership of house/land... other international travel... independent finances... anything that will help convince the Visa officials that you will not illegally stay and will indeed return home as promised.

    Obviously this is very, very difficult for a single guy who is depending on his girlfriend to finance the trip. I'm sure you can understand why the Visa officials will be in a very difficult position to believe you...

    Good luck.

  • @CheersT Thank you :) i do understand, i just want to get through this without problems.
    I will ask if I have any other doubts, hope you'll dont feel bothered. Thanks again, Pratap
  • Alethia is the expert, I'm just kinda pointing out the obvious.

    Best of luck to you.

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    @Pratap Terry is 100% correct, I doubt you will be granted a visa if you cannot prove strong links to your country and your financial reliant on your girlfriend.
  • @Alethia okay so after making all my research this is my plan, please let me know if its good enough.

    My gf in Frankfurt is sending a letter of obligation( mentioning that shes my friend not gf)
    my 3 months bank statement and 3 months salary slip along with leave letter from my company. My elder sister is providing her documents that she is helping me with finances, so her bank statements and her income tax papers will be provided. i will have my flight reservations of course, my travel insurance too.
    my bank balance is not that high, and hence my sister is providing financial assistance, and i will have letter of obligation from my gf too, do you think all these documents should suffice, can i proceed with the application?.
    thank you :)
  • my bank balance will reflect almost 1200 Euros, and my stay is for 20 days.(this is excluding my flight reservations)
  • @CheersT your advice is also welcome
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