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Can anyone tell me about Petra Tour?

edited December 2015 in - Egypt
Hi all,
I have an interest to know about Petra Tour. Because I am hearing many more goods about Petra. I am so excited, and I will plan a trip to Petra in December. After searching through the web, that which tour is best for Petra, I found six, seven tours. In that I like to because my friend had taken to help it around one year before .He said it is really excellent and the system of providing service is so pleasurable. Even so, I need more information about Petra tour, so reply me.


  • Amitshir - really you don't need a tour guide for Petra. It is easy site to navigate but it is very, very big! If you really feel you need assistance there you can hire one of the Bedou to help you. They are the only ones allowed to live in the actual site and they know it very well. Just make sure that the price they charge you is not high. You can see most of Petra in 3 days but make sure you don't take one of the buses from Amman that just take you for one can't see it all. Is Petra the only site you will go to in Jordan? It seems like a long way to go only to see Petra. There is also a lot to see outside of the site and good hikes around.
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