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Missing British Tourist Antalya

I have just read a plea for help finding a missing British man in Antalya. Anyone in Antalya at the moment please take a moment to read this.

Mr Nathan Handley is aged 44 from Shrewsbury. He arrived in Turkey at the beginning of December. On 5th December he sent an urgent message to his family to say his passport and possesions had been stolen.

He subsequently visited the British Consulate in Antalya and was booked into the Kremlin Palace until declared fit to fly as he was very confused. He has now disappeared from the hotel.

He is white of medium build with long black hair. He has a history of mental health problems.

The British Police have asked Interpol and the local authorities to continue to search for him as nothing has been heard from Nathan. He has probably lost his mobile phone as well.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Interpol, the local police or the British Vice-Consulate in Antalya Telephone +90 242 228 28 11 Fax +90 242 229 21 51. If it is very urgent or out of hours call +90 312 455 3344 (Ankara) or +90 212 334 64 00 (Istanbul).


  • Do you have a link to any source to confirm this?

  • As far as I can see that link isn't valid.

  • Maybe because it's a closed group :( I have asked for further information from the original poster and will update when I get it.
  • I emailed the Reverend David O'Brien at Oxon Church, Shrewsbury that had sent the letter regarding this man to ask for further information and this is the reply:
    Dear Clare,
    thank you for your response about Nathan. the only picture I am aware of is on his facebook page Nathan Handley which mentions he is from Shrewsbury and has a posting from Turkey a few days ago. Other than this his whereabouts are a mystery.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  • Hi Clare
    That is a strange reply from the reverand. Where are Nathans family? Is the British Consulate involved? Seems a bit odd.
  • Hi Alethia
    I contacted the church and Reverend through the website
    The original letter was addressed to the church community.
    Apparently he did go to the consulate and was booked into a hotel until fit to fly but that was where he disappeared from. The consulate is closed now for Christmas and getting through to them locally is not the easiest task these days as the system has been centralised!

    Contact details are on the website if anyone want to check this out.

  • Further update:
    Today at 10:08 AM
    Dear Clare,

    Thank you for your help with trying to locate Nathan Handley. He has now been found safe and well in Istanbul.

    With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

    Revd David O'Brien
  • Excellent news.

  • Yep! As there is far to often a sad ending to these.
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