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Similar storyline...

A friend of mine is caught in what I am sure is a romance scam.He met a 35 year old beautiful woman on a date site.He is 65 years old.During a one month whirlwind romance,she is so in love with him that she needs a passport from Africa for which he sends money.She claims to be an Accounting student living with her mother and uncle.The uncle is paying the bills.The family feels it's so right that her family has paid her ticket.He pays other travel expence.She sent a copy of visa obtained in less than 2 weeks.He is now waiting for her arival.


  • My guess is that she'll never arrive. One last minute emergency after another after another will come up, requiring more money to solve. It'll be unending money requests until he finally wakes up.

    That said, if she does indeed arrive with no strings attached then he's in for a very interesting situation.

    Good luck to him.

  • There is no way this woman will turn up. She will have an acccident or major problem that prevents her travelling and of course she will need lots of money to sort things out.

    An accounting student at 35 , sounds strange , she should have a full time job at her age to help support the family.
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