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Visas on Arrival for Pakistan Passport Holders with Valid US Tourist Visa

Hi All

I have a Pakistani Passport with a valid USA tourist visa. Can someone refer me to the countries where I can get visa on arrival or evisa based on the valid USA tourist visa. The two countries I know off are Turkey and Georgia. Are there any other countries?

I have tried a lot to look up for such a list but I can not trace any.

looking forward to helpful replies!!


  • Be sure you're not confusing a Tourist Visa with a Green Card that allows you to reside in the US.

    A US Green Card allows you to visit Canada from the US. I don't know of any similar arrangements.

  • Hi Terry

    yes I am talking about the tourist visa and not the green card. Are there any arrangements that anyone is aware of?
  • There are no countries that give preference to Pakistanis holding a green card other than those mentioned. A US green card gives no special rights out side north America
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