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need advise !

Guys, i need tips for migrating to Sydney for work permit. i consulted many people here in India but maximum are giving me advise to join some private colleges & do part time job. but i am not much sure about this method. i guess, this is the right platform to discuss & find out best one for me. i searched a lot on internet too but not finding much on this, There are lots of sites offering packages for the same but i want to know more about weather, people, stay, culture, etc. i got few sites like - Still looking further for a better information about the region. Regards !


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    vrak - you will not get a visa to work in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia. The first thing you must have is a confirmed position with an Australian company who will then sponsor you for your work permit. As for migrating - that can take upwards of 4 years.

    Do not pay anyone offering you a package deal for work and visa!! These are usually scams and you will find that you will be rejected from boarding the plane or indeed deported the same day if you manage to make it to Australia.

  • we can help you with the necessary document to enter and work with working permit with no problem so if you interested let us know at [email protected]
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