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Mexico Visa

I had planned to visit Switzerland last year for Christmas and New year and I was denied visa. I was sent invite by my Swiss family hosts. They stated in the invitation letter to provide me with accomodation, free meal and sight-seeing for my twenty days visit. The two reasons the Swiss embassy stated were insufficient fund in which I provided an account statement with $4000+, second reason that my intention to leave the member state could not be ascertained. I paid for flight already, bought insurance and my trips cost to Abuja which was wasted alas due to visa denial.
I figured out that things are difficult for Nigerians given the poverty and population factor which results in high patronage of embassies. I'm considering applying to a Mexico embassy now for tourism which I have already booked an appointment with. My future plan later this year is to study in Europe, and given the refugee crisis and all, I think I stand a little chance getting a study visa from Nigeria . Going to Mexico where my younger brother is already settled to get papers and prepare for my autumn studies in Europe from there tilts the odds in my favour I believe. Please, I need you to provide me with helpful tips on how I can secure a Mexico tourist visa. I would be applying as a student like I did with the Swiss embassy. My statement of account balance is $3,700. What other ways can I demonstrate to the consular that I would return in order to secure my visa.
Another question I have is that I checked for flights to Mexico and I would need to transit via Europe or America mostly. Do I need to apply for transit visa or I won't need to?, since I do not intend to leave the airport.


  • To be honest you cannot compare applying for a Mexican visa and a Schengen visa.
    You will need US $50 per day minimum to live on.a letter from you explaining the reason for your trip and a letter of invitation from your brother.
    The nearest Mexican Embassy is in either South Africa or Egypt
  • There is a Mexican embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. I know you can't compare. But this would be like a ladder. Firstly, I apply to Mexico and in Mexico, things get a lot easier once you get a residence permit. I won't be needing a letter from my brother as I would be applying independently as a tourist the way he did when he left some years ago.
    You left some of my queries unanswered. I would appreciate it if you could look into them and provide me with answers if you can.
  • Nigerians are required to apply for an airside transit visa from the country in which airport you will wait for your ongoing flight. For example if your connecting flight is via Madrid International airport you request the transit visa from Spain.

    I do not understand your logic as to why you believe a tourist visa to Mexico "tilts the odds in your favour" Mexico is a poor country whose citizens also want to emigrate.I have no helpful tips to secure a Mexican visa
  • Well, this reassures me that I stand a better chance to get a Mexican visa since you deem the the citizens poor. Let's leave the logic behind my reason to believe a tourist visa will tilt things in my favour. What do you do for a living? I would like to ask if you and I can co-own a travel agency company. We do not need much to start with I believe.
  • @schadenfreude I am a British lawyer who specialises in immigration law, EU immigration law, and human rights . Co owning a travel agents is really not my thing.

    For your information 60% of Mexicans live in poverty 25 million Mexicans earn less than $14 dollars a day a quarter of the workforce is unemployed and poverty is perpetuated by drug wars.
  • Thank you for your information Alethia, you are overly kind. I shall always contact you if there be need for any query.
  • Hello Alethia! I have been issued with a Mexican visa and I intend to transit through Amsterdam. Please, how do I secure a transit visa and what are the requirements.
    Nationality: Nigerian.
  • @schadenfreude
    For Nigerians,same requirement for visit visa
  • Or contact the airline .some airline assist with it .you can apply yourself as it does not take much time to process it.
    Some schengen embassy is one day,next day etc
  • Hello Alethia, I feel so sad because I was denied a visa to Mexico
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